Plastic mold design. A fundamental step in the construction of molds for plastic materials

Strong point in the wide range of activities of the S.L.A.M.P.
srl, the design of custom plastic molds plays a leading role in the perspective of a service as tailored as possible and quality. In fact, the Lombard company boasts a great experience in the field of prototyping with a mold construction service for plastics, thanks to the help of external partners consolidated over years of prolific collaboration.

Prototyping and construction of the mold

S.L.A.M.P. srl is able, thanks to the availability of partners, to accompany the customer in all its needs necessary for the design and construction of requesting molds
high quality and in large quantities. The consolidated organization and optimized production management always guarantee maximum performance.

The design of molds for plastic materials is a phase
fundamental in the realization of the finished product: the prototyping of a real product is in fact decisive for evaluating and testing the functionality and geometries of the final product.

The collaboration between the technical staff of S.L.A.M.P. srl and its partners guarantee a customized construction of the mold, with a dedicated design resulting from the specific requests of the client.

Furthermore, all the raw materials and the dies of the molds are first defined by the customer and subsequently, at the end of the processing, kept for any future processing required for the same shape.

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