Packaging / delivery
Toyota method: you can optimize production with few resources

S.L.A.M.P. srl offers the customer a complete and perfectly efficient service. The Lombard structure in fact ensures a high production capacity, able to supply products in large quantities with production performances of up to 200.00 pieces per month, all thanks to successful organizational methods and modern and advanced instruments.
The Arcore company in fact manages its production activity using the Toyota method, a work methodology that, through a planned and economised use of available resources, allows to increase productivity.

Customized packaging

The packaging is carried out on the basis of specific customer requests, ensuring maximum safety and protection of each product, through suitable and customized packaging. The materials chosen for the packaging are in fact always the most suitable for keeping the characteristics of the finished product unaltered. Perfectly safe items that arrive at their destination without any type of risk.

Fast and traceable deliveries

Thanks to the optimization of warehouse management, based on the Toyota method, S.L.A.M.P. srl is able to offer an efficient product delivery service. In this way it manages to guarantee the customer a fast and reliable delivery, without any kind of problem and fully traceable.

Perfectly packed products and exceptional times make it even more advantageous to rely on the services of the Lombard company, which ensures deliveries made directly by its internal staff within a radius of 100 kilometers. Beyond this distance, deliveries are instead entrusted to external companies that are leaders in the shipping sector.