Surface finishes
Painting and chroming on plastic moldings

S.L.A.M.P. srl also performs accurate finishing processes on the plastic subjected to transformation, using the best partnerships consolidated over the years. Some molded parts, in fact, need a special finish such as painting, chrome plating, screen printing or ultrasonic welding to satisfy the customer’s requests for aesthetics and resistance.

Thanks to its experience acquired over 40 years of activity and to consolidated sector partners, the Arcore company is able to ensure its customers optimal management of all types of coating and surface processing, using the collaboration of external suppliers specialized and highly qualified.

Plastic processing in detail

S.L.A.M.P. srl ensures various processes on finished and semi-finished products in plastic materials, including:

Plastic painting

Plastic chrome plating

Plastic screen printing

· Ultrasonic plastic welding

Thanks to the modern tools supplied by its partners, the Lombard company always guarantees the highest quality of finishes, which allow it to provide the customer with a finished product free of defects and imperfections. Quality and reliability that are also given by the use of paints with perfect results, the result of research carried out in the company to identify the best solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. For more information on painting, chroming, screen printing and welding processes of plastic materials, do not hesitate to call the company’s operational headquarters at the telephone number 039.6012598.