Injection molding machines

Modern and automated presses
Specialized for 40 years in plastic molding, S.L.A.M.P. srl has equipped itself over time with the best technologies available on the market. In fact, 23 latest generation injection molding machines operate at its plant, capable of ensuring speed and quality in every single process.

Equipped with electric or pneumatic Cartesian robots and electronic pack changers in order to increase the autonomy of daily production without the aid of personnel on the machine, the injection molding presses for plastics guarantee up to 15 hours of production per day without personal and, consequently, a drastic reduction in costs, while keeping the quality of the final piece intact.

Production lines equipped with the best integrated automation systems

All the instruments and presses supplied by the Arcore company are subject to constant technological updating and equipped with the most advanced automation systems and IT systems, which guarantee a perfectly safe process control system. For more information on the instruments and SLAMP production capacity srl, contact the technical staff directly through the appropriate company contact details.

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