Order management
Kanban method: quick and punctual order fulfillment

Over the years, S.L.A.M.P. has become a true reference model for small and medium-sized businesses in the area thanks to its organizational capacity at maximum efficiency. Srl uses the Kanban method, thus managing to guarantee a perfectly organized, precise and efficient order management and fulfillment system.

The company has an ad hoc IT system that allows you to fulfill weekly orders, rationalize inventory in an efficient and organized way, manage logistics for its customers, coordinate agreed deliveries and daily deliveries, and manage logistics relating to the orders of all customers with shipments also outside the regional territory.

Thanks to the Kanban method, S.L.A.M.P. Srl manages to ensure optimal management of shipments and orders entrusted to it by customers, thus ensuring that requests never exceed the actual availability of the products present in the plant.

Kanban: definition and advantages

The kanban method is a management method that aims to circulate information in a systematic way within a company and between the company and suppliers, greatly facilitating the entire system at the base of production planning. The kanban is an operating system that contains the information necessary to produce, purchase or move components and materials in the production system and manages, in practice, work orders by offering companies:

· Elimination of overproduction

· Increased flexibility in responding to customer demand

· Simplification of the tied information system
to production

· Greater integration in the process chain
ranging from suppliers to customers

There are two main types and different applications of this method, used for organizational optimization:

The handling or transport systems that
they are used to move components and materials towards a production process;

The production kanbans used for orders
of a component for a downstream production process.